Our Guiding Principles

The cornerstone of our success has been and will always be passion. It drives everything that we do. Our people are emotionally engaged in helping others, not just because it is in our business’ interest but out of a belief that we can truly help to save lives. It was thus most satisfying when we performed our first cord blood transplant in Singapore in 2002. Since then, we have had numerous successful cord blood and cord tissue releases for our clients. Each successful transplant is a momentous experience which we celebrate with the patient and his/her family. We exist to support the need for stem cell transplantation therapy and to provide solutions to help patients identify potential health issues early.

Foundational to this is our commitment to doing what is right for the patient. It is central to all our actions and achievements. We believe so firmly in this that we have always sought for the right people to work with us, people with the right attitude towards the interests of our clients. While we hold zero tolerance for repeated mistakes made on the job, we reward good behaviour such as honesty and actions taken in the client’s interest.

Another value we regard highly is individual integrity. This is fundamental in any advanced medical business. It also accounts for our long-term investment in every individual working with Cordlife.

We value perseverance, and have worked hard at building up the company. This has allowed us to positively influence the industry, in overcoming numerous challenges and not compromising on our core responsibilities.

Founded upon a strong quality culture, building the cord blood banking process was especially difficult during the formative years when our industry was non-existent. Substantial time and effort were invested to build our processes to world-class standard.

We are also focused on developing key managerial competencies for quality standards, clinical advancements, talent development and better decision management. Cumulatively, these are the drivers behind the business growth and market success in all our key markets.

More than just a stem cell bank

More than just Stem Cell Banking

Beyond cord blood and cord lining and cord tissue banking, Cordlife offers a comprehensive suite of diagnostics services for the family including urine-based newborn metabolic screening, non-invasive prenatal testing, paediatric vision screening and family genetic screening services.