Build a life through giving with Cordlife!

As a homegrown brand dedicated to creating a positive impact in our community, Cordlife has adopted Canossaville Children and Community Services (Canossaville) as our appointed beneficiary for Cordlife Donation Drive 2021. With your support, all proceeds raised will go towards improving the lives of the children and families in Canossaville’s care. Over and above, Cordlife is extending more support to Canossaville by providing complimentary Eyescreen™ eye screening service to 80 preschool children, in celebration of their 80th anniversary.

Together, we can make a difference through a simple act of giving. Be part of this meaningful initiative by lending a hand!

About Canossaville Children and Community Services (Canossaville)

Canossaville Children and Community Services (Canossaville) is a Catholic social service agency, serving and impacting the lives of children and their families across their preschool and primary years, regardless of race, language, or religion. Canossaville celebrated their 80th anniversary in August 2021, and seeks to continue serving the community for many years to come.

With a multi-disciplinary team of professionals working together with their school leaders and teachers within the Canossian Village, Canossaville hopes to support the children across the areas of learning, behaviour and psychological needs to help them succeed in life.

To find out more about Canossaville, click here.