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Our Difference

Empower your child in the name of health with the right partner!

Parenthood is a lifelong promise to protect your child.

With the advancement of stem cell research, your child's precious medical resource can be used not only to safeguard him but your family as well.

The possibilities of stem cell applications are limitless and the umbilical cord may one day become an unlimited resource of lifesaving cells.

In times of need, potentially lifesaving cord blood can make a difference.

Why store cord blood?


chance of requiring a stem cell transplant by age 701


Cord blood transplants done worldwide2

1 in 3

People3 will benefit from regenerative medicine therapy

1 Nietfeld JJ, Pasquini MC, Logan BR, et al. Lifetime probabilities of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in the U.S. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. 2008; 14: 316-322.
2 Broxmeyer HE. The history of cord blood transplantation/biology & perspective for future efforts to enhance the field. Accessed September 18, 2017.
3 Harris DT. Cord blood stem cells: a review of potential neurological applications. Stem Cell Reviews. 2008; 4:269-274.

Advantages of using cord blood over other sources

Source Bone Marrow Peripheral Blood Cord Blood
Collection Multiple extractions Needs multiple growth-
hormones injections
Quick, painless & risk-free
Type of stemcell Adult Adult Perinatal*
Availability Donor search Donor search Readily available
(for family bank)
Graft vs Host
High risk High risk Minimal risk
Cost of
obtaining a
matching unit
Can cost up to S$64,000 Can cost up to S$64,000 $0
(100% ownership for family cord blood bank)

*Definition of Perinatal: pertaining to the period immediately before and after birth.

Why choose Cordlife?

Over 17 years of quality cord blood banking in Singapore

1st in Southeast Asia to be internationally dual certified

Fully-owned processing and storage facility with over 17 years of laboratory management experience

Sole provider of umbilical cord lining storage in Singapore

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