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Choosing your Maternity Hospital

December 08, 2016 Best 9 Months
You will make plenty of decisions during pregnancy and choosing where to deliver your baby is also one of the most important choices to make. Most obstetricians and gynaecologists are usually affiliated to one or more maternity hospitals, so it helps you to narrow down your choices by asking your doctor which hospital does he/her deliver in. To make the best and informed decision on which hospital to deliver, you can sign up for hospital tours to find out more about each hospital's amenities and the services they provide. It is also the best way to clear any doubts you…
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Taking Baby Steps with Baby Teeth

June 17, 2015 Best 9 Months
Taking Baby Steps with Baby Teeth By Dr Chin Shou King BDS (Singapore) Dental Surgeon As a dentist, I am often beset with worried parents, concerned about their children's teeth. They often ask why the teeth came out so large or small in size, why they are so crooked and whether they will need braces next time. Usually these 'problems' are a little exaggerated with an examination often reveals that the child is fine. All we need to do is a little explanation and reassurance to the worried parents, followed by careful monitoring and follow up. However, I do come across the odd parent who has…
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Evolution of the Informed First-Time Mother

July 03, 2015 Expert Articles
Nadia Lambrechts Founder & Chief Baby Planner, 40 Weeks Increasing numbers of pregnant women are starting to make a conscious effort to be as informed as possible during their pregnancy, and planning for delivery and life after baby. Giving birth is one of the most amazing (and most painful!) things a woman would ever do, and now more than ever, researchers are emphasising the effects of stress during delivery and the impact of the type of birth on babyâ's future physical and emotional well-being. In her post on Informed Beginnings, Jo Garrett said that "pizzas are delivered, but babies are…
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The importance of eating right during your last trimester

November 11, 2014 Best 9 Months
By the third trimester, your impending secret cannot be hidden. You would have gained much more pregnancy weight by now and your baby is developing at a faster rate towards your due date. According to expert articles, there is a co-relation to how much weight pregnant women gain during their…
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Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

August 22, 2014 Expert Articles
by Dr. Francisco M. Gil-SalasPhD, MSc, B. PharmAn essential step in providing security, prenatal testing ensures that you stay informed about the status of your pregnancy. Aside from reducing anxieties and stress, it gives you peace of mind and also an expectation of what's in store for the journey ahead,…
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