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Child Development Account (CDA)

How you can pay for Cord Blood Banking through the Child Development Account (CDA)*.

At Cordlife, you can pay for our cord blood banking packages through your child’s CDA.

The CDA comprises of two benefits - CDA First Step Grant and Government Dollar-for-Dollar Matching.

The CDA First Step Grant is a new grant of $3,000 for eligible Singaporean children born from 24 March 2016. The amount will be deposited into the CDA account 3 weeks after the account is opened.

Parents who continue to save beyond this initial amount will enjoy the Government Dollar-for-Dollar Matching as follows:

Child Order CDA Benefits Total CDA Benefits
CDA First Step Dollar-for-Dollar Matching
$3,000 Up to $3,000 Up to $6,000
Up to $6,000 Up to $9,000
3rd & 4th
Up to $9,000 Up to $12,000
5th Child
and higher
Up to $15,000 Up to $18,000

The amount from the Government Dollar-for-Dollar Matching will be deposited into your child’s CDA the following month.

For example, if you deposit $500 into the CDA in January 2016, the Government will deposit the matching amount of $500 the following month.

This can be used to fund the initial upfront payment of your cord blood banking package.

For more information on CDA, please visit or ask our friendly consultants today!

    *A child is eligible to apply for a CDA if he/she is:
  • Born on or after 17 August 2008
  • A Singaporean Citizen (or becomes a citizen before he/she turns 12 years old)

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