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Why Cordlife

Singapore’s first cord blood bank with a successful transplant track record


Child Development Account (CDA)

How you can pay for Cord Blood Banking through the Child Development Account (CDA)*?

At Cordlife, you can pay for our cord blood banking packages through your child’s CDA.

The CDA comprises of two benefits - CDA First Step Grant and Government Dollar-for-Dollar Matching.

The CDA First Step Grant is a grant of $5,000 for eligible Singaporean children born on or after 14 Feb 2023. The amount will be deposited into the CDA account 3 weeks after the account is opened.

Parents who continue to save beyond this initial amount will enjoy the Government Dollar-for-Dollar Matching as follows:

Child Order CDA Benefits Total CDA Benefits from Government
CDA First Step Dollar-for-Dollar Matching
(↑ $2,000)
Up to $4,000
(↑ $1,000)
Up to $9,000
Up to $7,000
(↑ $1,000)
Up to $12,000
3rd & 4th
Up to $9,000 Up to $14,000
5th Child
and higher
Up to $15,000 Up to $20,000

Figures in red reflect post-enhancement amounts. Increases are indicated in brackets.

The amount from the Government Dollar-for-Dollar Matching will be deposited into your child’s CDA the following month.

For example, if you deposit $500 into the CDA in February 2023, the Government will deposit the matching amount of $500 the following month.

This can be used to fund the initial upfront payment of your cord blood banking package.

[To note] Parents of children born from 14 February to 31 December 2023:

  • You will continue to receive the existing CDA First Step Grant in 2023 and be notified when the enhanced amounts are disbursed in 2024.
  • You can save up to the current CDA co-matching caps in 2023. Savings in excess of the current co-matching caps will not be matched.
  • You will be notified in 2024 when you can make the additional deposits to save up to the enhanced CDA co-matching cap.
For more information on CDA, please visit or ask our friendly consultants today!

*A child is eligible to apply for CDA if he/she is:

  • Born on or after 24 March 2016, and
  • A Singapore citizen or become a citizen before 12 years old.