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FAQ for Existing Cordlife Parents

The FAQs below present most of the commonly asked questions have about cord blood banking and other related questions. To view a topic, click on it and find the answer.

Don't see the answer to your question? Give us a call at our 24-hour hotline at (65) 6238 0808 or email us at

What is Cordlife Preferential Plan?

As a gesture of our appreciation to our Cordlife parents, we've introduced the Preferential Plan which allows parents to prepay the balance of their annual fees. Multiple payment modes are available; including the use of your child's Child Development Account (CDA) for this one-time payment. Contact us to find out more about the full benefits.

How would Preferential Plan benefit a Cordlife Parent like me?

As a gesture of our appreciation to our Cordlife parents, we've introduced the Preferential Plan which allows

Cordlife Preferential Plan lets you enjoy:

  • Protection against increases in Annual Instalment Fees
  • Protection against hikes in Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • The convenience of a one-time payment for the remaining balance of annual instalment fees
  • Multiple payment modes such as Child Development Account (CDA), credit card interest-free instalment plans & etc

Contact us to find out more about the full benefits.

What is my balance amount for payment with Cordlife?

In general, it is tabulated as S$250 (subject to prevailing GST) per year, multiplied by the outstanding number of years till your child turns 21 years old. Please email us at or call us at 6238 0808 to check your latest balance.

I have just received this Preferential Plan Invitation Letter. What should I do next?

You may email us at or call us at 6238 0808 to inform us on your wish to proceed with the Preferential Plan and the latest balance amount will be presented to you.

Alternatively, the Change of Plan form can be downloaded here. Our Cordlife Customer Relations Consultant will contact you within 3 working days once we have received the completed form.

Please mail the completed original Change of Plan form to:

Cordlife Group Limited
Customer Relations (Preferential Plan)
1 Yishun Industrial Street 1
A'Posh Bizhub
Singapore 768160

What are the available modes of payment?

You can opt for the following:

  • Cheque payment
  • One-time Credit Card payment (Masters or Visa Only)
  • OCBC, UOB & DBS Credit Card with interest-free instalments up to 24-months (Masters or Visa Only)
  • CitiBank Credit Card with interest-free instalments for 12-months (Masters or Visa Only)
  • Children Development Account (CDA)

(Kindly note that clients choosing either the UOB or OCBC instalment plans will have to visit our office for payment processing.)

What happens after the full 21-years of storage?

The ownership of the cord blood will be transferred over to your child once he/she reaches the legal adult age of 21 years and upon the renewing the agreement. Your child will be prompted to continue storage thereafter at the prevailing fees.

What happens after payment for the Preferential Plan is completed?

Once the payment has been completed, Cordlife will send a confirmation letter to you. This letter confirms that the obligations, terms and conditions remain as per the original Service Agreement you signed with us. This letter also reiterates your revised refund policy

What if I elect for Cordlife Preferential Plan and then terminate the Service Agreement before the full 21 years?

In the event that that the Agreement you signed is prematurely terminated for valid reasons before the entire contractual period of 21 years (for example: transplant's use), Cordlife will accord a pro-rated refund at nominal value.

What happens if Cordlife ceases operations?

The continuation of storage of your child's umbilical cord blood stem cells is of utmost importance to us. In the unlikely event that Cordlife ceases its operations, Cordlife may assign its rights under the Agreement to another provider of cord blood banking storage facilities as long as that provider meets the necessary standards at the relevant time for licensing with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore or of a comparable standard outside of Singapore.