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Cordlife’s consultation booths located at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Parkway East Hospital and Thomson Diagnostic Ultrasound Centre have reopened with a change in opening hours and Safe Management Measures in place. To find out more, please click here. Our friendly sales consultants are available through web consultations should you have any questions about our services and/or are interested to store your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells with us.

The Future of Stem Cells

Stem cells are at the forefront of one of the most fascinating and revolutionary areas of medicine today. At your baby’s birth, you have the unique opportunity to safeguard the health of the ones you love by storing his/her precious cord blood stem cells.

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Cordlife Difference

Cordlife is amongst the leading players for family cord blood banking services in all the markets it operates in, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Inhabiting a distinctive niche in the healthcare industry, the Group is one of the foremost family cord blood banks to have gained a solid foothold in Asia.

In the last 19 years, Cordlife has dedicated its undertakings to achieve market leadership in the industry. Having built a distinguished brand name, the Group continues to strive for excellence by means of support from its experienced management team, dynamic key executives along with its quality product and service offerings. Cordlife believes the Group has in place a strong foundation for future expansion.

Safe, Quick and Painless Collection

The collection of cord blood is a safe, painless and simple process that poses no risk to you and your baby.

However, you only have one chance to collect your child's cord blood at birth, so it is important to make an informed decision prior to your delivery date.

Enrolment Process

Treatable Diseases

Stem cells in your baby’s cord blood have the potential to be used in the treatment of many diseases today. Stem cells could be used to treat haematopoietic and genetic disorders. In a cord blood transplant, stem cells are infused into a patient’s bloodstream where they go to work - healing and repairing damaged cells and tissue. Upon successful engraftment of the stem cells, the patient’s blood and immune system are regenerated.

Treatable Diseases and other Potential Applications of Stem Cells

The Future is Now


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