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Cord Blood Banking Enrolment Process

The collection of cord blood is a simple procedure that poses no risk to you or your baby. It is important that you make your banking decision before your due date so that you and your caregivers can be ready for the collection. You only have one chance to collect your baby's cord blood at birth, so this is a critical decision.

5 simple steps to safeguard your baby's precious stem cells with Cordlife:

Step 1
Enrol with Cordlife

Make an appointment with our Consultant by calling our 24-hour hotline (65) 6238 0808. You could also send us your information so that we can assign a dedicated consultant to you.

* If your baby is due within the next 4–6 weeks, we strongly recommend that you contact us immediately so that all necessary steps are completed before your baby arrives.

Step 2
Receive your personalised collection kit

When you sign up, we will provide you with a personalised cord blood collection kit, which contains everything you'll need to collect your baby’s cord blood.

Step 3
Inform your obstetrician

Inform your doctor that you have signed up with Cordlife to collect your baby’s cord blood.

Step 4
Bring your collection kit

On the day of your delivery, bring your personalised collection kit to the hospital. Pass the collection kit to the nurse/caregiver in the labour ward after admission. The caregiver will then draw blood from the mother. Following the safe delivery of your baby, your doctor/caregiver will collect the cord blood and place it back into the kit for our collection.

Step 5
Call us after the delivery of your baby

After your baby is born, please call us at (65) 9388 0567 and give us your full name, NRIC no., contact no., and the name of your hospital. We will pick up the kit and let you know when the cord blood arrives safely at our lab.