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International Accreditations And Certifications

Our laboratory and processes are approved and certified by the following authorities. We ensure that we have the best practices in cord blood stem cells collection and banking. They are timely checked and we are audited according to their stringent criteria to achieve our accreditation.

AABB Accreditation

(formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks)

The AABB has led the world in the development of blood banking standards since 1957. From 1991 onwards, the AABB has published standards for cord blood banking (which are updated regularly based on additional knowledge in the field), and these high standards are today recognised as the world's gold standards. These standards ensure that banks accredited by the AABB provide their customers with only the facts and the best possible method for processing as well as storing the transplant-ready cord blood units until needed in the future.

Cordlife Singapore has been accredited by AABB since 2005.

For more information on this standard, please visit AABB.

AABB Certification

FACT Accreditation

The Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) is the leader in international standards for cellular therapy. It is used in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

FACT's standards for cord blood collection, processing, testing, banking and release are developed by highly-qualified scientists, technologists, clinicians and quality experts, who have the collective goal of pushing the boundaries of cellular therapy. Organizations bearing the FACT accreditation have earned it through the implementation of high-quality patient care and laboratory practices.

As of November 2015, Cordlife has been FACT accredited.

For more information on this standard, please visit FACT.


Ministry of Health

Cordlife's facility in Singapore is licensed by Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore for cord blood banking purposes. The facility is subject to regular inspections and audits which act as added assurance that each facility's highest and most stringent quality standards are consistently met, or exceeded.

For more information on Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore, please visit Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore.

MOH Accredited Facility

Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices in Singapore (GDPMDS) certification

Cordlife Group Limited was awarded the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices in Singapore (GDPMDS) certification in 2010.

It ensures that the certified company has a quality management system, with procedures and facilities that adhere to the current good distribution practices.

This certification ensures Cordlife's Sepax® automated processing device and products are being consistently stored and handled in a quality manner during storage and transportation.

For more information, please visit Health Sciences Authority.

Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices in Singapore (GDPMDS) certification

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