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FAQ on Cordlife Care360° Safeguard Programme

Cordlife Care360° Safeguard Programme is a wholistic protection specially crafted to ensure you and you and your child that added peace of mind. The Care360° Safeguard programme allows you and your family to enjoy:

Cordlife Max:360°
Maximise with Sepax2 Automated Processing Technology

Cordlife uses Sepax2 automated stem cell processing system to facilitate optimal stem cell recovery from your baby's cord blood so you get more stem cells for maximum transplant success^.

Cordlife Shield:360°
Tender Loving Care for You and Your Family

Cordlife provides the coverage of possible pregnancy and childbirth complications^, so that you and your family can have an added peace of mind.

Cordlife Protect:360°
Freedom for You and Your Family

Cordlife, together with an international insurer, will waive off your child's future storage payments if you or your spouse passes away or suffers from Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)*. Depending on the payment plan you elected, your family may also receive a token fund*.

Cordlife Pledge:360°
Our Pledge to Quality Processing and Storage Standards

Cordlife assures you of a cord blood unit of suitable match or SG$50,000 to defray medical costs if the cord blood unit loses its viability at the point of transplant^.

Cordlife Assure:360°
Assurance Tests prior to a HSC Transplant

Cordlife will cover the cost for matching (HLA resolution test) and viability (CFU Assay) prior to the Haematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) transplant*. This is Cordlife's assurance to be with you if there is a need for the release of your child's cord blood.

Cordlife Guard:360°
Safeguarding You and Your Family

Cordlife has taken added insurance coverage, to safeguard you and your family from financial loss that results from direct malpractice*.

^Conditions apply.

*Applicable for enrolment with Cordlife Group Limited from 7 September 2011 onwards. Kindly note that the above mentioned is general information only. Please refer to the Cordlife Service Agreement for full details and its terms and conditions. Cordlife Group Limited reserves the rights to amend or cancel any of the benefits listed above without prior notice. International quality standards may differ between the time of enrolment and time of release of your baby's cord blood unit for transplant. All reasonable efforts will be made to adhere to the prevailing standards at the time of release of your baby's cord blood unit. HLA testing and CFU Assay may or may not cease to become a mandatory quality check.

At this moment, only clients who enrol with Cordlife from 7 September 2011 can enjoy the benefits of Cordlife Care 360° Safeguard Programme.

Once the adoptive parents receive the letter of the adoption for the child, they will be covered under Cordlife Care 360° Safeguard Programme.

If at the point of enrolment with Cordlife, there is a pre-existing health condition of Stage 4 cancer, the coverage from Protect:360° will only take effect from the child's 2nd birthday. Kindly note that our international insurer will conduct investigations prior to any claims disbursement.

Our HLA tests are performed by Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

Our CFU testing will be performed by Singapore Cord Blood Bank (SCBB). They are the only one in Singapore who performs CFU Assay.

The death certificate must be submitted to Cordlife in the event of death of either biological parent. Cordlife will then determine the token sum pay-out based on terms and conditions prevailing then.

The coverage is only for one biological parent; hence the pay-out will only be based on one death.

Yes, as long as all required documents have been signed, your husband will be covered under Cordlife Protect:360°.

Cordlife reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Cordlife 360°. Parents will be informed should there be any changes.

In the event of a divorce case, only the legal custodian will be covered under this programme.

DCR No. 3323, September 2017

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