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Why Cordlife

Singapore’s first cord blood bank with a successful transplant track record


Cord Blood Release Track Record

Total Releases








Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)




Cerebral Palsy


  • Neuroblastoma: 3
  • Brain Injury: 2
  • Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy: 3
  • Fanconi Anaemia: 1
  • Sickle Cell Anaemia: 1
  • Global Development Delay: 1
  • Developmental Dyspraxia: 1
  • Aplastic Anaemia: 1

The table below features the cord blood releases performed by Cordlife Group Limited and its subsidiaries. As a Group, Cordlife has made 71 cord blood releases, all of which have been used successfully in transplants or cellular therapy. This is the ultimate validation of our cord blood processing and storage capability.

12002Acute Lymphoblastic LeukaemiaSibling5.5KK Women's & Children's Hospital
22002Acute Lymphoblastic LeukaemiaSibling1.1KK Women's & Children's Hospital
32006Thalassaemia MajorSiblingN/AUniversity Malaya Medical Centre
42006Acute Myeloid LeukaemiaSibling32.1University Malaya Medical Centre
52007Acute Lymphoblastic LeukaemiaSiblingN/AUniversity Malaya Medical Centre
62008Thalassaemia MajorSibling19.4University Malaya Medical Centre
72009Cerebral PalsySelf28.1Mount Elizabeth Hospital
82009Cerebral PalsySelf38.8Private Hospital, Bangkok
92009Cerebral PalsySelf30.6Private Hospital, Bangkok
102009Brain InjurySelf11.3Private Hospital, Bangkok
112010Thalassaemia MajorSibling14.6Institut Pediatrik, GHKL
122010NeuroblastomaSelf35.0KK Women's & Children's Hospital
132010Cerebral PalsySelf18.7Mount Elizabeth Hospital
142010Cerebral PalsySelf42.0Duke University Hospital
152010Thalassaemia MajorSiblingN/AInstitut Pediatrik, GHKL
162010Cerebral PalsySelf14.5Private Hospital, Bangkok
172010Cerebral PalsySelf7.4Private Hospital, Bangkok
182011NeuroblastomaSelf29.3Queen Mary Hospital
192011Thalassaemia Major (E beta Thalassaemia)Sibling24.4Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Cancer Research Institute
202011Brain InjurySelf35.6Private Hospital, Bangkok
212011Cerebral PalsySelf12.5Duke University Hospital
222012Acute Myeloblastic LeukaemiaSibling13.2Peking University First Hospital
232012Cerebral PalsySelf20.6Duke University Hospital
242013Thalassaemia MajorSibling37.5University Malaya Medical Centre
252013Juvenile Myelomonocytic LeukaemiaSibling4.2KK Women's & Children's Hospital
262013NeuroblastomaSelf70.9Queen Mary Hospital
272014Cerebral PalsySelf7.0Private Hospital, Philippines
282014Hypoxic-Ischemic EncephalopathySelf6.0Mount Elizabeth Hospital
292014Cerebral PalsySelf33.8CHA Bundang Medical Center
302014Cerebral PalsySelf33.8CHA Bundang Medical Center
312014Fanconi Anaemia and marrow failureSibling49.5Queen Mary Hospital
322014Cerebral PalsySelf57.3Mount Elizabeth Hospital
332014Thalassaemia MajorSibling44.9Institut Pediatrik, GHKL
342015Cerebral PalsySelf21.1Mount Elizabeth Hospital
352015Thalassaemia MajorSibling15.8Apollo Speciality Hospital
362015Thalassaemia MajorSibling25.4Queen Mary Hospital
372015Thalassaemia MajorSibling13.8University Malaya Medical Centre
382015Cerebral PalsySelf26.0Mount Elizabeth Hospital
392015Cerebral PalsySelf19.2Duke University Hospital
402015Cerebral PalsySelf67.3Mount Elizabeth Hospital
412017Thalassaemia MajorSibling63.0Tata Medical Center
422017Cerebral PalsySelf47.9Mount Elizabeth Hospital
432018Chronic Myeloid LeukaemiaSibling32.9University Malaya Medical Centre
442018Cerebral PalsySelf26.3Mount Elizabeth Hospital
452018Acute Lymphoblastic LeukaemiaSibling119.3KK Women's & Children's Hospital
462019Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy and Cystic EncephalomalaciaSelf2.5Duke University Hospital
472019Global Development DelaySelf50.1Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology (Hanoi)
482019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf71.5Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
492019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf92.0Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
502019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf92.8Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
512019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf78.4KK Women's & Children's Hospital
522019Thalassaemia MajorSibling22.1Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital
532019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf67.7KK Women's & Children's Hospital
542019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf133.3Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
552019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf110.1Duke University Hospital
562019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf47.7KK Women's & Children's Hospital
572019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf112.5Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
582019Developmental DyspraxiaSelf79.6Duke University Hospital
592019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf54.4KK Women's & Children's Hospital
602019Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf59.8KK Women's & Children's Hospital
612020Sickle cell AnaemiaSibling15.2Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
622020Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf59.7KK Women's & Children's Hospital
632020Autism Spectrum Disorder Self52.3KK Women's & Children's Hospital
642020Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf60.0KK Women's & Children's Hospital
652021Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf49.4KK Women's & Children's Hospital
662021Thalassaemia MajorSibling19.5Apollo Speciality Hospital
672021Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf45.7KK Women's & Children's Hospital
682021Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf65.1KK Women's & Children's Hospital
692021Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf63.2KK Women's & Children's Hospital
702021Thalassaemia MajorSibling48.5Hong Kong Children's Hospital
712022Hypoxic Ischemic EncephalopathySelf8.4Hong Kong Children's Hospital
722022Aplastic AnaemiaSelf81.5Mount Elizabeth Hospital
732023Thalassaemia MajorSibling17Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi
742023Thalassaemia MajorSibling43Narayana Health City, Bangalore
752023Autism Spectrum DisorderSibling6.6Celltech Stem Cell Centre
762023Autism Spectrum DisorderSelf52Private Hospital, Philippines

Cord blood units sent to South Korea were used for two separate infusions for two children (twins). Some releases may be for the same client but released in different period. This list shows the cord blood released by Cordlife and subsidiaries to support the treatment of various diseases. This should not be used as a reference for the list of treatable diseases by cord blood stem cells. In addition, banking your baby’s cord blood does not guarantee that the stem cells will provide a cure or be applicable for every situation. The use is ultimately determined by the treating physician.

DCR No. 5033, Version N, Feb 2024