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Industry News

06 March 2022

How poo transplants and changes in your gut microbiome might affect your mood

26 July 2022

Your poop in capsules: Why this could be the key to solving your future health problems

30 June 2022

Experts Say We Should All Be Storing Our Poo in a Bank, And Here's Why

Cordlife in the Media

24 January 2023

早报 - 短信“发送者身份”1月31日起实施 1100公司机构已登记可助公众免受骗

20 January 2023

Mothership - You may receive SMSes with 'Likely-SCAM' header from Jan. 31, here's why

08 November 2022

CNA - Bank your poop now - to fix future gut health woes?

22 June 2022

Technode - Cordlife partners AMILI to launch gut microbiome banking service in Southeast Asia

22 June 2022

Yahoo Singapore - Cordlife, AMILI launch banking service to preserve healthy microbes in stool

22 June 2022

The Homeground - Faecal attraction: First Southeast Asia poo bank set up in Singapore

Press Release

25 April 2022

Stemlife Earns AABB Accreditation for the Third Consecutive Time

07 February 2022

Cordlife Singapore expands suite of paediatric services with EarscreenTM and Cordlife Talent Screening

01 November 2022

Cordlife Celebrates Joy Of Giving Through Fundraising & Free Eyescreen™ Tests For Over 80 Children From Canossaville

10 January 2022

Cordlife Indonesia extends stem cell cryopreservation service to leukaemia patients from Dharmais Cancer Hospital in support of cellular therapy

30 March 2022

Cordlife Puts Its Best Foot Forward By Walking The Extra Mile, Through A Charity Virtual Walkathon As An Extension Of Its 21st Anniversary Celebrations

21 June 2022

Cordlife and AMILI partner to launch the first-ever gut microbiome banking service in Southeast Asia