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Press Release

25 July 2023

Cordlife to advance research on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretome-based products for the treatment of Osteoarthritis

10 July 2023

Cordlife launches proprietary lifestyle genetic screening services in Indonesia

28 March 2023

Cordlife Continues Commitment to Advancing Family Health and Wellbeing, with Free Earscreen™ Tests and Donation Drive

24 February 2023

Cordlife launches new peripheral blood stem cell service in Singapore

22 February 2023

Cordlife expands its global footprint to Cambodia

01 November 2022

Cordlife Publishes Study Confirming Superiority of Strategic Partner’s Stem Cell Growth Media

21 June 2022

Cordlife and AMILI partner to launch the first-ever gut microbiome banking service in Southeast Asia

08 June 2022

Cordlife Hong Kong is accredited by AABB for 13 consecutive years

25 April 2022

Stemlife Earns AABB Accreditation for the Third Consecutive Time

30 March 2022

Cordlife Puts Its Best Foot Forward By Walking The Extra Mile, Through A Charity Virtual Walkathon As An Extension Of Its 21st Anniversary Celebrations