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Cordlife Cares Programme

Cordlife Cares

Providing private cord blood banking for the less privileged families.

Cordlife recognises that there are families who may benefit from cord blood banking but are financially challenged to do so. Obtaining a matching cord blood from the public source can cost as much as US$25,0001 and sometimes the search may be futile.

With Cordlife Cares, these families will have access to private cord blood banking, paid for by Cordlife. This means that eligible families will have genetically unique stem cells readily obtainable should a Haematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) transplant be required.

    Admission Criteria
  • Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents
  • Currently expecting a baby and delivering in Singapore
  • Combined family monthly income below S$2,000
  • Has an immediate family member who is/was diagnosed with a disease* currently treatable with cord blood stem cells.
Cordlife Cares Program

Once accepted into the Cordlife Cares programme, Cordlife will provide the collection kit for the collection of cord blood. After the collection, the cord blood will be processed and stored until needed, without any cost to the family.

Should you wish to apply+ for this programme, or know of a family who may benefit from this programme, please call 6238 0808 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1 National Library Board Singapore website . Accessed February 19, 2009.
* List of diseases treated can be found at
+ Cordlife reserves the right to assess eligibility and subsequent enrolment into the Cordlife Cares programme

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