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AsiaOne - Unlocking the powers of Stem Cell Therapy from aesthetics to cancer cure
Lianhe Zaobao - 康盛人生获准在我国提供 存放角膜基质透镜服务
5 March 2021
The Straits Times - Keep corneal tissue in bank to tackle eye issues in future
4 March 2021
8 World - 本地一医疗公司获准提供眼角膜基质储存服务
3 March 2021
AsiaOne - Cordlife launches OptiQ: A first-of-its-kind corneal lenticule banking service in Singapore
3 March 2021
Cordlife sees growing adoption of cord-blood banking
5 September 2020
Cordlife becomes first cord blood bank in Indonesia to achieve global AABB accreditation
14 November 2019
Cordlife Extends Geographical Footprint to Bangladesh
28 August 2019
Cordlife offers peace of mind
06 January 2019
Cordlife Genscreen introduces PlumCare DNA Advisor
28 May 2018
Cordlife launches newborn metabolic screening service in Hong Kong
2 May 2018
The Business Times, Cordlife partners US-Based PlumCare to offer genetic screening service
26 FEBRUARY 2018
The Myanmar Times ~ Singapore cord blood bank targets upper middle-class market
2 AUGUST 2017
Umbilical Cords Rich in Stem Cells, Provide Unrivaled Health Benefits: Scientist
5 JUNE 2017
Cordlife Group appoints marketing agent in Myanmar
21 OCTOBER 2016
Lianhe Zaobao - 人生集团(Cordlife Group)上周五闭市后宣布签约委任Bio Secure公司为缅甸行销代理
21 OCTOBER 2016
Cordlife Honoured As One Of Forbes Asia’s “Best Under a Billion” Companies
04 NOVEMBER 2015
(Busines India), Ahead of its time
3 AUGUST 2015
(Channel News Asia), Distribution of SG50 Funpacks begins
5 JULY 2015
(Straits Times), Jalan Kayu residents get extra items in SG Funpacks
5 JULY 2015
(Next Insight), CORDLIFE: Pledges to donate $150K to needy pre-school kids in Jln Kayu
5 JULY 2015
(Business Times), Six Singapore companies make it to Forbes Asia's 'Best Under a Billion' list
25 JUNE 2015
(AsiaOne), 6 S'pore firms on Forbes Asia's "Best Under A Billion" list
25 JUNE 2015
(Forbes), Cordlife Harvests Stem Cells Of Newborns In Case Of A Rare Disease
24 JUNE 2015
(Motherhood Magazine), Laboratory Director at Cordlife Group Limited answers your cord blood banking related questions.
JUNE 2015
(AsiaOne), 6 S'pore firms on Forbes Asia's "Best Under A Billion" list
25 JUNE 2015
Mother & Baby
25 JUNE 2015
(The Philippine Star) A Chance to Participate in Groundbreaking Stem Cell Trial for Autism
24 AUGUST 2014
Shin Min Daily
14 JULY, 2014
The Business Times, "Cordlife partners Cordlabs, CBBC to expand umbilical cord tissue storage services"
03 MARCH 2014
The Straits Times, "Cordlife Group in strategic alliance to provide umbilical cord tissue storage in China"
03 MARCH, 2014
Business Times, "Cordlife makes Yishun's A'Posh Bizhub its new home"
18 APRIL 2013
East Week, "(東週刊) 儲存臍帶血為寶寶健康作一生的保障"
18 DECEMBER 2012
South China Morning Post, "Cold Comfort"
The Business Times, "SIAS to hold next Corporate Governance Week in October"
The Straits Times, "Banking on stem cells for profit"
The Business Times Online, "Cordlife Q4 net profit up 0.9%"
24 AUGUST 2012
Lianhe Zaobao, "康盛人生整合中国脐带血库企业股权"
16 AUGUST 2012
The Business Times Online, "Cordlife shares up on deal with China Cord Blood Corporation"
16 AUGUST 2012
The Business Times, "Cordlife to buy 10% of China Cord"
16 AUGUST 2012
The Business Times Online, "Cordlife to take 10% in CCBC for US$20.8m, selling stake in CSCS"
15 AUGUST 2012
The Business Times, "Cordlife Q3 down on listing expenses"
15 MAY 2012
The Business Times Online, "Cordlife to pay 2 cts/shr dividends despite fall in Q3 profit"
14 MAY 2012
The Business Times, "Buying up while selling stays flat"
30 APRIL 2012
Lianhe Zaobao, "康盛人生递交招股说明书"
27 APRIL 2012
The Straits Times, "Cordlife eyes SGX listing, files prospectus"
08 MARCH 2012
The Business Times, "Cordlife Group eyes listing on mainboard"
08 MARCH 2012
The Business Times Online, "Cordlife eyes mainboard listing on SGX to raise funds for expansion"
07 MARCH 2012
Raymond Wong: Parents Must-Do - Cord Blood Banking
18 FEBRUARY 2011
The Straits Times," Saved by stem cells"
02 DECEMBER 2010
TVB Weekly The Most Popular Brand Award 2010, "The Most Popular Cord Blood Bank (Chinese)'
03 NOVEMBER 2010
29 JANUARY 2010
Surveyed, CordLife was ranked 15th among Asia's 50 fast-est growing companies in the Asia Pacific region (article highlights)
JUNE 2009
Blood Insurance (article highlights)
MARCH 2009
The Straits Times, "These are just some of the reasons why we believe in private cord blood banking"
21 FEBRUARY 2009
Lianhe Zaobao, "These are just some of the reasons why we believe in private cord blood banking"
21 FEBRUARY 2009
The Standard, "A newer, better way to harvest stem cells"
10 FEBRUARY 2009
CordLife Year of the Entrepreneur (article highlights)
27 NOVEMBER 2008
BioMed Singapore
JULY 2007
Cord Blood and its uses
06 JUNE 2007
3 cord blood banks in S'pore
22 MAY 2007
Cordlife To Rationalise Technology And Product Development Activities, To Further Focus On Cord Blood Banking Business
18 MAY 2007
Motherhood - Question and Answer
APRIL 2007
New fund aim to draw young scientiscs
09 MARCH 2007
Asia is Stem Cell Central
10 JANUARY 2007
Stem Cell: Body, Heal Thyself
The Philippine Star, "Your baby's blood can save your life"
More foreigners are storing cord blood in Singapore
23 APRIL 2006
Now there is cord blood insurance
27 FEBRUARY 2006
NTUC Income, CordLife team up
22 FEBRUARY 2006
Patients needing stem cell transplant using cord blood can now claim their medical expenses under a new insurance policy
21 FEBRUARY 2006
Channel News Asia, "Stem cell transplant patients can claim medical expenses under insurance"
21 FEBRUARY 2006
Our Little Saviour
08 FEBRUARY 2006
Banking on Excellence
Cordlife gets world recognition
03-09 SEPTEMBER 2005
International Businesses Flock to Hong Kong
JULY 2005
Asia Pacific BioTech News, "CyGenics Files Investigational New Drug Application"
MAY 2005
HK Magazine, "Cell Block HK"
08 APRIL 2005
Wen Wei Po, "Cord Blood Stem Cell can treat more then 70 type of diseases"
06 APRIL 2005
China Daily, "CordLife set up stem cell bank in HK"
31 MARCH 2005
Hong Kong Economic Times, "Hong Kong First Stem Cell banking facility"
31 MARCH 2005
The Sun, "Hong Kong private stem cell banking facilities"
31 MARCH 2005
Sing Bao Daily, "Hong Kong Second Stem Cell banking facility"
31 MARCH 2005
South China Morning Post, "Joint effort urged on stem cell"
31 MARCH 2005
Apple Daily, "Cord Blood can cure more then 70 type of diseases"
31 MARCH 2005
BioProcessing Journal, "From Rocket Fuel to T-Cells"
EDB Singapore, "Cordlife opens second tissue processing & storage facility"
01 DECEMBER 2004
Singapore Investment News, "CordLife Opens Second Tissue Processing and Storage Facility"
CyGenics opens new cord blood bank
07 OCTOBER 2004
CordLife Expands Operations
CordLife Opens Second Tissue Processing and Storage Facility in Singapore (
Channel News Asia, "Private operators welcome Singapore's new public cord blood bank"
19 JANUARY 2004
Channel News Asia, "Singapore to open S$15m public cord-blood bank"
19 JANUARY 2004
Channel 8 News, "More local parents are choosing to store their baby's cord blood"
20 AUGUST 2003
Asia Pacific Biotech News, "CordLife Launches Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Processing and Banking Services"
04 AUGUST 2003
Cytomatrix goes global with CordLife merger deal
23-29 MAY 2003
The Publication of the British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore, "UK scientists champion Singapore's bioscience industry Orient"
Summer 2003
Elle Singapore, "Test Tube Mummies"
01 MAY 2002, "Banking on Cord Blood in Asia"
15 OCTOBER 2001
The Straits Times, "10 pay to store kids' cord blood against disease"
The Straits Times, "Banking on cord stem cells"
The Straits Times, "Singapore company wants to build Asian umbilical cord banks for stem cell research"
01 JANUARY 2001

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