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October 2023

Cured by his own cord blood 19 years later

October 2023

How Long Can Cord Blood Be Stored?

July 2023

Cancer-stricken girl with “no hope” of recovery saved after stem cell transplant from baby’s umbilical cord

July 2022

Your poop in capsules: Why this could be the key to solving your future health problems

June 2022

Experts Say We Should All Be Storing Our Poo in a Bank, And Here's Why

June 2022

Fecal microbiota transplant shows durable effect in treating irritable bowel syndrome

March 2022

How poo transplants and changes in your gut microbiome might affect your mood

April 2021

Human fecal transplant reduces autism symptoms by almost 50%, study finds

August 2020

Consuming your own fecal microbiome when dieting may limit weight regain