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Why Cordlife
Why Cordlife

Cordlife's Cord Blood Release Track Record

Total Releases: 69

Autologous: 46

Allogeneic: 23

Cerebral Palsy: 19

Thalassaemia Major: 13

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): 18

Leukaemia: 8

Neuroblastoma: 3

Brain Injury: 2

Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy: 2

Fanconi Anaemia: 1

Sickle Cell Anaemia: 1

Global Development Delay: 1

Developmental Dyspraxia: 1

The table below features the cord blood releases performed by Cordlife Group Limited and its subsidiaries. As a Group, Cordlife has made cord blood releases, all of which have been used successfully in transplants or cellular therapy. This is the ultimate validation of our cord blood processing and storage capability.

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Cord blood units sent to South Korea were used for two separate infusions for two children (twins). Some releases may be for the same client but released in different period. This list shows the cord blood released by Cordlife and subsidiaries to support the treatment of various diseases. This should not be used as a reference for the list of treatable diseases by cord blood stem cells. In addition, banking your baby’s cord blood does not guarantee that the stem cells will provide a cure or be applicable for every situation. The use is ultimately determined by the treating physician.

DCR No. 4455, Version K, October 2021

Cordlife’s consultation booths located at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Parkway East Hospital and Thomson Diagnostic Ultrasound Centre have reopened with a change in opening hours and Safe Management Measures in place. To find out more, please click here. Our friendly sales consultants are available through web consultations should you have any questions about our services and/or are interested to store your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells with us.


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