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Expecting your Next Bundle of Joy?

Parenthood is a lifelong promise to protect your child. With the advancement of stem cell research, your child's precious medical resource can be used not only to safeguard him/her but also your family.

The possibilities of stem cell applications are limitless and the umbilical cord may one day become an unlimited resource of life-saving cells.

In times of need, potentially life-saving cord blood can make a difference.

Usage of Cord Blood (for Self) – Ava Johnson’s story

Usage of Cord Blood (for Sibling) – Dillon Low’s Story

When you store your subsequent child’s cord blood with Cordlife, you may choose to use the Government’s Child Development Account (CDA), which comprises of the CDA First Step Grant and the Government Dollar-for-Dollar Matching benefits, to subsidise his/her cord blood banking service.

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