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Raffles Medical

Raffles Medical brings to you a comprehensive range of primary healthcare services through our network of clinics located conveniently island wide.

Our team of family physicians provides care for patients of all ages. Medical care includes treatment of acute and chronic conditions for adults and children, vaccinations, health screening, travel health and COVID-19 PCR Test.

Raffles Medical clinics are approved to serve Singaporeans under various healthcare and government schemes including the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS), the Pioneer Generation scheme, Baby Bonus scheme and the Flexi-Medisave scheme.

Members' Rates

  • GP Consultation from $18.30 (exclude medication, procedure & practice cost)
  • Health Screening Packages:
    • Raffles Classic 2023 at $116.64
    • Raffles Lifestyle 2023 at $213.84
    • Tumour Marker Package at $116.64
    • Female Specific Screening from $291.60
    • Male Specific Screening from $208.98
  • Vaccinations:
    • Influenza vaccine @ $32.08
    • Pneumococcal (Pneumovax 23) vaccine @ $68.04
    • All other vaccinations at members’ rates
  • Medical Check-up from $38.50
  • COVID-19 PRC Swab Test @ $67.50
  • Dental Scaling & Polishing @ $150


  • Verbal Quote "Cordlife Circle" or present membership card



As per the panel of clinic listing

Terms and Conditions

  • Must not be used in conjunction with any other ongoing corporate programmes.
  • Only applicable to Cordlife Circle Card holders and Cordlife Circle Card must be presented at point of registration.
  • Management reserves the right to amend the above without prior notice.
  • For dental services:
    • Price quoted does not include practice cost, costs of prescribed medications, injections, x-rays and other investigations.
    • The price reflects types of services offered by the general dental pracitioner, time spent on and complexity of the case. Patients will be informed before treatment if any fees to be charged differ from those listed above.
    • Full payment will be collected before laboratory works (if any) can be processed.
    • Not to be used in conjunction with any other ongoing corporate programmes.
    • Does not apply to laboratory works, oral hygiene products, medication and other services by external vendors, etc, and specialist dental services.
    • Consumables charge is applicable for every dental visit. Consumables charge are for items such as disposable gloves, gowns, cups and bibs, disinfectants, autoclaving pouches etc.